Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Wolfer

Montana Wolf, 100 pounds, 1920s 

The Wolfer. 

A battered skillet with handle long,
A bunch of traps with the swivels strong, 
The genuine old Newhouse make, 
As for the "drag" I wouldn't take.

A marble axe with folding pick,
It stands the racket and falls to nick,
A writing tablet of paper tuff, 
I find for covering is just the stuff. 

Your matches roll in a Towers fish brand,
They have never wet and never can, 
As for grub and what 'twill be, 
You will have to read the H-T-T. 

The best anchor's the Picket Pin, 
It's held 'em afore, it will again, 
Cayuses three and saddles the same, 
Two built on a sawhorse frame, 
The other with "F. Meaney's" name. 

Scabbards and hobbles, tarps and rope,
We're about ready to hit a lope, 
With a lay like this and your 303,
And your subscription paid to the H-T-T.
And shells galore of the Red W make,
I reckon we'll manage to make a stake. 
                                                      -Hamilton, the Hunter, Montana

* Taken from the February, 1909 edition of the Hunter Trader Trapper Magazine. 

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