Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Hunter Trader Trapper

 By far and away Hunter Trader Trapper is my favorite outdoors magazine of the period. The articles and hunting stories are fantastic and the advertisements are really fun as well. A great insight to what people were wearing and buying during that time. 

 The magazine was published by Arthur Robert Harding. The first issue arrived in October of 1900. 24 pages of hunting, trapping, fur farming and the fur trade. One year subscription was 50 cents. 

 The instant success of the Hunter-Trader-Trapper magazine was due to the instructional nature of the contents on the subjects of hunting and trapping, information previously shared only between friends and family members, and in most cases kept secret by outdoorsmen. The magazine was largely composed of letters written by the readers, longer articles by experienced hunters and trappers, and news concerning the fur trade and current prices. Questions submitted by subscribers were published along with answers, as were correspondents' personal opinions about all sorts of outdoor subjects. 

 The magazine continued to grow and went from 24 pages to 160 pages. 

 Arthur Harding was also the publisher of Fur Fish and Game. 

 Copies of this magazine can be found on ebay. I'd recommend picking up a few issues! 


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