Friday, December 11, 2015

The Economy Sportsman

 It was recently asked of me to put together a list of kit items that one would need to hit the woods, but that wouldn't break the bank. So here is what I'm calling the Economy Kit. In some cases there simply just isn't an inexpensive option. I'll try to give alternatives wherever I can. This list does not include your firearm and accoutrements. Just your head to toe start up kit.

 Starting from top to bottom.

 There are MANY options for ones headwear. The two hat styles that I would recommend that would be cheaper than buying a nice derby or a broad brimmed hat, would be the Scotch Cap or the 8 piece walking cap. Both of these can be purchased at River Junction Trading Co. out of McGregor Iowa (I'll be referencing them a lot.)

 PRICE : $39.95

  Other hat options if your impression falls squarely in the 1920s would be the Stormy Kromer hat. Same price.

 Shirts seem to be fairly standard by this point in history. I would recommend any of the Drover style shirts offered by River Junction.

 PRICE : $59.95

  With trousers I would also again recommend the trousers of River Junction. This Duck Trouser really fits the bill. There are also wool trousers too, but stick with the Duck. They are good and sturdy and will be useful in the woods. Just layer up with some long johns in cold weather.

 PRICE : $69.95

 For socks, I would simply recommend army socks from your local Army Navy surplus store. I bought a pair for something like $4.00. You can also buy wool socks from your local men's store or the red topped socks. These will work well.

 I'd also recommend the Rockford Red Heel sock that dates back to our period.

PRICE : $14.00 (2 pair)

 For shoes there really isn' an economy shoe. I usually don't like to make concessions so I would say for outdoors work, the Rothco Rubber Boot or the CLC Rain Wear would be good choices. The Rothco boot to me really fits the shape of the classic rubber boots of our period and is modestly priced.

 PRICE : Rothco Boot $39.99
               CLC : $24.24

If you have a good old fashioned work boot, these could work as well.

TOTAL : Around $220.00 depending on what you buy.

This will be all you need to hit the woods in the style of the Early 20th Century Sportsman. If you have any questions, please write to me at If you or your wife is handy with a needle I can recommend some patterns that will bring the cost down.