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 The Early 20th Century Sportsman is dedicated to recreating the golden age of hunting, trapping and camping through research and reenactment. From the late 1800s to the early 1900s, Americans loved the outdoors. Adventure was ready to be had and money from furs was ready to be made.

 This site will be a place where we will post the following :
 -Hunting stories : These stories will harken back to the early magazines such as Hunter Trader Trapper and the magazines that still exist today.
 -Material Culture : Photos and articles about original camp gear, clothing and accoutrements of the period 1890-1920.
 -Excerpts from Books and Magazines of the period.

 We are looking for submissions! Please write to jbook46@gmail.com

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  1. Need to set up question and answer station. There can be a difference in accouterments and clothing in our time period range. For instance shirts pull on over head verses full button both are in the 1926 Sears catalog. How far back do full button go? Anything other than old catalogs to use? I talked with Steve Watts a few weeks before he passed away and he said the Sears catalog was his gropes go "Too" for clothing. Items can go forward but not backward for your time.