Monday, November 17, 2014

L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Boots

 As I write this I am looking out at the window and see the first snow here in Northern Kentucky. Being from Iowa, I am not used to how scarce the snow is down here. So this snow is a welcome sight.

100th Anniversary L.L. Bean Maine Boot

 I thought it would be the perfect occasion to talk about the L.L. Bean 100th Anniversary Boot. This boot is perfect for your post 1912 early sportsman impression. I have a pair myself and I love them. The read brick color bottom is based on original examples of the boot. I like to have a little room in mine to wear some nice thick socks during the colder months. Really, a nice thick sock isn't bad in the warmer months.

 These shoes are available at the L.L. Bean Website.

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