Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thoughts from the Klondike

 As late fall settles in and winter quickly approaches, I always get a longing to go up North. How far North you ask? Well any distance would be good. Northern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan? That's about as far North in the states as you can go without making a trip up to Alaska. And speaking of Alaska, I recently came across some cool images while studying about the Klondike Gold Rush, a period of time that really fascinates me. 

 Sportsman of the early 20th century heading North for game or for gold had to be outfitted. Clothing is of course a big part of putting together your early 20th century attire. And for you men of the North these photographs provide some great insight. Enjoy. 

 Some good examples of clothing worn in the North in the Klondike. 

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  1. The third and fourth photos are of Club and Stuwart Outfitters from Vancouver where I live. I have a top hat that was sold by them, I like to think it was some where in the shop hiding in a box when these photos were taken.