Friday, January 9, 2015

Coming Up Empty

 I decided I would head out for a morning hunt yesterday , looking to go after a rabbit or squirrel.

 My arsenal for the hunt included :

1897 Winchester Shotgun
 The 1897 Winchester Shotgun is really a great gun. I like the hammer, for nothing really more than my own esthetic preference. 

Harrington & Richardson 22-Caliber Revolver 

H&R 22 Revolver in the 1908 Sears and Roebuck Catalog
 I love my H&R .22 Revolver. Dad gave it to me a few years back as a Christmas gift and I have always taken it to the woods with me. The cylinder holds 7 rounds (but I always load 6 with the hammer on an empty chamber when I go out, as my dad taught me). 

Joseph, Allen and Sons, Sheffield England. NON-XXL Knife

 This knife is was made after 1890. A good example of a hunting knife of the period.

 Now that I've shown you my arms assortment I will now relate my hunting experience.

 The morning hunt I descended into the woods and right away saw two squirrels. They must have been in the midst of playing and very quickly scampered off and I was quickly out of range.

 I knew where there was a briar patch and had seen many a rabbit there in the past. A good dog would have been a big help on this excursion. I approached the briar and all of the sudden up sprang a rabbit. I leveled my shotgun and fired just as he ducked behind a log. I missed. This is where the dog would have been handy. I had to go in to the briar patch a short ways to see if I could kick him up again. I did but he was soon out of my sight and scampered on up the hill.

 I continued on my way but didn't see anything as I sat and waited under a tree.

 Soon I headed back up the trail. I soon saw a squirrel come barreling across the trail about 20 yards in front of me. As I lowered my gun he began up the hill. I fired and just like the rabbit he ducked behind a log as I fired. I kept my eyes on the spot where I fired and ran towards it. The squirrel appeared to have just vanished into thin air.

 I came back to the house and then around 4 o'clock I went back out for another try. I immediately saw another squirrel and fire at him. Again just like the rabbit and the squirrel he ducked behind a log and vanished. My frustration was getting high at this point.

 I moved along and soon saw another squirrel close to where I saw the rabbit earlier. I should have waited and been patient but I let my frustration get the best of me and fired, missing him altogether.
 After a while longer dark was approaching and decided to head home. 

 When I arrived at home I reached for my knife and realized it wasn't there. All that was left was the loop and the sheath had completely torn off. I panicked for a moment as I thought back to what I was doing that could have made that happen. I remembered! I slid down the bank of the dry creek bed and it must have caught and ripped off of my belt. So I knew I would have to go hunting for it in the morning which would give me another opportunity at those pesky squirrels. 

 I headed out and just like the day before saw two squirrels right away. And yet again they alluded me.

 I returned to the creek bed where I was sure my knife would be and finally after a while found it, half buried in the dirt.

 The things I learned from this hunt is to be more patient and don't fire your gun after a squirrel in frustration. Be patient and wait for him. It had been some time since I had been out in the woods hunting so I am sort of getting used to it again. 

 -Jake Book, Kentucky

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