Sunday, January 11, 2015

Building a Lean-To

  The lean-to is one of the most basic and oldest ways of creating shelter from the weather. This one is very simple and can be built fairly quickly.

 Cedar trees are excellent for building a lean-to because they grow very straight. That's what I used here. Lashing one pole between two trees gives you a good ridge to build from.

  After lashing them on my plan was to put three poles off the back and then two more running the length of the ridge pole. This reinforces the structure but also gives you a good frame for your tarp to cover. 

 After lashing these poles on with hemp rope, I cut out my oil cloth tarp and laid it on. 

Attaching this tarp to the structure can prove a bit frustrating. Sometimes folks would just lay brush over the back and stack sticks over the canvas to keep it in place. I may sew the two strips together at some point and sew some reinforced holes to loop ropes through to make attaching easier. 

 I hope to spend a night in it real soon! 

Jake Book, Kentucky 

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